partial list of Period Fencing Masters and some of their works


Writer Years Notes
Anonimo Bolongese 1510?
Antonio Manciolino 1531 Pre-Rapier cut and thrust
Achillie Marozzo 1536 Pre-Rapier cut and thrust
Angelo Viggiani 1551 First known writer to advocate as the thrust as superior to the cut
Giovanni Dall'Agocchie 1572
Frederico Ghliserio 1587
Writer Years Notes
Francesco di Sandro Altoni 1537 - 1569? Mentor / inspiration of Docciolini
Marco Docciolini 1601
Jacopo Monesi 1640
Writer Years Notes
Vincentio Saviolo 1595
Salvator Fabris 1606
Francesco Alfieri 1640
Other Italian
Writer Years Area Notes
Rocco Bonetti late 1500's later owned by Saviolo
Later owned by Shakespeare's acting company.
Camillo Agrippa 1553 Rome/Milan First known writing specifically for the Rapier
Potentially the origin of what will become La Verdada Destreza
Giacomo Di Grassi 1570 Trevino
Ridolfo CapoFerro 1610 Siena
Giovanni Antonio Lovino 1574 - 1589? Milan
Camillo Palladini 1600? No Known Writings
Owned a salle in the BlackFriars in England
Nicoletto Giganti 1606 and 1608 Venice


Writer Years Notes
George Silver 1599 Not rapier but comments heavily on Italian rapier and the teachers of the time.
George Hale 1614
Joseph Swetnam 1617
Gideon Ashwell 1639
Spanish / Destreza
Writer Years Notes
Jeronimo de Carranza 1569
Luis Pacheco de Narvaez 1600
Gerard Thibaut 1630 Not Spanish, but studied under Narvaez and published the most complete work on the topic of Destreza
Writer Years Notes
Henri de Saint-Didier 1573
Andre Des-bordes 1610