he Brass Crescent Challenge

I. The "token" will be a brass crescent emblazoned with the arms of the Sylvan Kingdom of Aethelmearc and will be respectfully won or lost only through through honorable combat in the format of Cut & Thrust in accordance with the current policies of the Kingdom Rapier Marshal.

II. A challenge may only be put forth by an individual who is a formal subject of the Kingdom of AEthelmearc and available to accept challenges to maintain circulation of the Iron Ring.

III. A challenge cannot be made for the token on the same day that it has been won.

IV. The token holder must only accept one challenge per day and may accept up to three challenges per day.

V. The Duel must be completed during a formal SCA event or public function.

VI. The Challenge is first and foremost a prowess test of ability. If the Holder has not previously accepted a Challenge that day, the Holder must accept a challenge if both combatants are in armor. The combat must be best of three out of five passes. Both combatants should work to come to a mutually acceptable decision on what sort of combat (i.e., what weapons forms, keeping in mind that the Challenge is first and foremost a test of prowess and ability).

a. Historical dueling formalities, such as seconds, written cartels and public challenges will be at the discretion of the combatants and are not required but are strongly encouraged.

VII. The token holder must pass the knowledge of these rules to the successful challenger who wins the token to ensure continued conduct of the Challenge.


The appendices are not rules of the Iron Ring but are merely suggestions to overcome potential difficulties encountered in conducting the Challenge.
  • The base form of challenge will be best of five bouts with rotating forms. A challenge may be set to other criteria as determined by the participants but must meet the requirement of a minimum of best of five bouts.
  • If multiple challenges are presented simultaneously, it is permissible for the challengers to fight for the opportunity to challenge the token holder.
  • The challenge is to be made while both participants are fully dressed in period style C&T legal armor as would be worn in formal tournament (non-period practice armor such as commercial jacket, jeans, sweat pants, sneakers, etc. are not appropriate) and while there is still opportunity to fight on the day of the challenge.