Run By: Drotinn Jorundr hinn Rotinn


The rules for this experiment are as follows:

  • 6.3.4. Rubber Headed Spear Construction
    • Rubber headed spears are to be made of a rattan haft and a flexible rubber head.
    • The spear head must be purchased from a commercial vendor as a spear tip or spike with a minimum head length of 4” (10cm) and a maximum head length of 20” (51 cm). The rubber at the tip must be at least 1/4” (6 mm) thick.
    • The flexible tip must extend at least four inches past the end of the of the rigid haft.
    • The spear head must flex to 90o with hand pressure, and must substantially return to its original shape within 3 seconds.
    • Hafts are to be made of rattan with a diameter between 1 1/8th inch (28.5 mm) to 1 3/8th inch (35 mm).
    • Maximum overall spear length with spear head attached is 9 feet (275 cm).
    • Spear points will be friction fit to hafts according to manufacturer’s instructions and be taped to the haft with reinforced tape such as strapping tape, fiber tape, or duct tape. A bright band of colored tape or well-affixed ribbon that contrasts with the spear head and the haft is to be wrapped around the base of the spear head so that it adds visual contrast should the spear head come off the weapon.
    • The haft must have a flat end at the head end of at least ½” (12 mm) diameter. The haft may be rounded on the butt end.
    • The haft must be inserted into the rubber spear tip at least 2” (5 cm)
    • Tape may be added to the haft to help prolong the life of the haft; paint and other decorations may be added so long as they do not degrade the structure of the haft or pose a safety risk to the opponent.
  • Spears may be used to thrust or perform tip cuts with. No other types of cuts are allowed with spears.