When the Order of Defense was created,
the Kingdom of Drachenwald closed their Order of the Dragon's Steel.
This is an archived copy of the order's web page.

The Order Of the Dragon's Steel
of the Kingdom of Drachenwald

15 members or former members of Drachenwald who have received a Dragon's Steel

SCA Name

Date Given

Crown (who gave award)


 Jean Fernald de Savigny 


 Jurgan and Lilliard 

 Coronation last Court, Flintheath/Pont Alarch 

 Goetz von der Krautlache 


 Jurgan and Lilliard 

 Coronation last Court, Flintheath/Pont Alarch 

 Petrc Monomachos 


 Matthew and Anna 

 Double Wars VI, Attemark 

 Etienne Fevre de Dion 


 Elffin and Alessandra Melusine 

 Midsummer Tourney, Insular Draconis 

 Dougald McDonald 


 Elffin and Alessandra Melusine 

 Coronation, Last Court, Skellitta 

 Cernac the Inspired 


 Elffin and Signy 

 Coronation, Last Court, Two Seas 

 Tomas Pancaldo 


 John and Honor 

 Arthurian Riddle Quest V, Meadowmarsh, Frankmark 

 Thomas Langland 


 John and Honor 

 Civil War, Juneborg, Nordmark 

 Arenvald von Hagenburg 


 Padraig and Elsa 

 Rent-a-don III, Mynydd Gwyn, Insulae Draconis 

 Antonio di Rienzo Ruspoli 


 Gerhardt and Judith 

 Rhaglan Ffair 

 Duarte Goncalves de Montel 


 Vitus and Eleanora 

 Collegium of the White Mountain 

 Solá de Rylla 


 Vitus and Eleanora 

 Double Wars 

 Æiríkr inn Hárfagri 


 Paul and Aryanhwy 

 Raglan ffair 

 Fardäng Skvaldre 


 Paul and Aryanhwy 

 Frostheim Fencing Weekend 

 Anna von Urwald 


 Lief and Morrigan 

 Crown Tourney 

The Order was closed to admission of new members with the creation of the Order of Defense.